CESS Vacancies

CESS Santiago, Santiago, Chile

Assistant or Associate Professor Position in Behavioral Economics

Location: Santiago, RM, Chile
Salary Range: $36,000 per annum (after tax, including health insurance)

The Nuffield College Santiago Chile Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) and the Department of Economics at Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) seek to appoint a full-time faculty positions at the rank of assistant or associate professor. USACH and the CESS are looking for candidates specialized in Behavioral Economics, with experience in experiments. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong publication record. Applicants are expected to be able to teach in Spanish within two years.

Applicants should have completed, or be close to completing, a PhD/DPhil in Economics. They should be familiar with the design and implementation of Random Control Trials, of on-line experiments and of lab experiments. The successful candidate will have excellent econometric skills, and the ability and willingness to carry out independent scholarly research and to deliver teaching and training on topics such as micro, behavioural and experimental economics.

Candidates wishing to be interviewed at ASSA – San Diego should submit applications by 1st January 2020.

Application deadline: Friday, 31st January 2020.

The starting date is 1st September 2020. The post-holder will be based in Santiago, Chile.


To apply, please send to Melanie Sawers (melanie.sawers@nuffield.ox.ac.uk)  your:

  • curriculum vitae
  • research papers
  • 3 (three) letters of recommendation

Científico de Datos

El Santiago Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) está buscando un Científico de Datos.

Principales funciones o tareas:

  • Extracción, transformación, análisis e interpretación de los datos para distintos proyectos de investigación.
  • Desarrollar software que permitan analizar la dinámica de la Web y redes sociales utilizando técnicas espacio temporales y estrategia de minería de texto.
  • Ejecutar estudios de factibilidad de los proyectos a desarrollar, cuantificando las horas hombre necesarias de análisis de datos requeridas.
  • Asistir a actividades de intercambio y colaboración científica.
  • Participar en reuniones con organismos públicos, entidades sin fines de lucro y empresas, como parte de procesos de formulación de proyectos u de levantamiento de necesidades de formación en ciencia de datos.
  • Colaborar en el diseño de programas de formación continua en temáticas relacionadas con la ciencia de datos
    Ejercer docencia en programas de formación continua del Centro, relacionados con ciencia de datos.
  • Contribuir a la gestión de la obtención de recursos financieros necesarios para la realización de investigaciones.


Formación: profesional de las carreras de Ingeniería en Computación / Informático, deseable con un magister en ciencias de la computación o ciencia de datos.

Perfil Personal: se requiere profesional autónomo, con capacidad de análisis y síntesis, orientada a la calidad y mejora continua. Debe contar con capacidad de comunicación efectiva y con capacidad de trabajar en equipo.

Conocimientos específicos:

  • R, Python, y MySQL u otros sistemas de gestión de bases de datos relacional.
  • Experiencia en Big data.
  • Experiencia codificando en Unix; AWS / Google Cloud Compute Engine.
  • Procesamiento de lenguajes naturales; Data Mining y Web Scrapping.
  • Desarrollar estadista y modelos de machine learning para detectar patrones y investigar.
  • Experiencia trabajando en regresiones, aprendizaje profundo, Trees/Forests, Red Neural Artificial, Métodos bayesianos, inferencia causal,aprendizaje por refuerzo.
  • Experiencia con Visualización de datos.

Cómo postular

Envíe su carta de presentación y CV a Felipe Torres a ftraposo@kcl.ac.uk.

La carta de presentación debe proporcionar una breve descripción de su experiencia Científico de Datos y con cualquier investigación independiente (por ejemplo, tesis u otros proyectos de investigación). Además, una descripción de su familiaridad con varios paquetes estadísticos y de computadora (por ejemplo, STATA, Matlab, Python, etc.).

CESS Nuffield, Oxford, Reino Unido

Laboratory Assistant

The Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences in Oxford is looking for Lab Assistantsto join their team.  The successful candidates will be working an average of 5-10 hours per week, earning an hourly salary of £12.

As a Laboratory Assistant, you will be required to assist the lab manager and experimenters with running their experiments: Your responsibilities will be:

  • Directing subjects to the laboratory prior to the start of experiments
  • Gathering Informed Consent from subjects
  • Assisting researchers in administering their experiments
  • Assisting researchers with subject payments
  • Recording subjects attendance and participation in experiments in our subject database
  • Potentially assist with organization, coordination, and setup of CESS events

The skills required for this job are:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable and friendly in talking with strangers
  • Flexibility in hours of work
  • Punctuality

If you are interested in this job, please send a brief cover letter and resume outlining your qualifications to cess-vacancies@nuffield.ox.ac.uk. (updated on 05/09/2019)

Online Research Assistant

The Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences in Oxford is looking for an Online Research Assistant to join their team.  The successful candidate will be working an average of 5-10 hours per week, earning an hourly salary of £15-20 (commensurate with experience).

This is not a remote job, but an in office position.

The successful candidate assist the online lab manager with maintaining and updating our online subject pool as well as with the rollout and monitoring of online experiments. Your responsibilities will be:

  • Maintaining and consolidating our online subject pool of over 120,000 subjects, including assisting with the development of a new subjects database
  • Assisting with the intake of new members of the subject pool
  • Testing and debugging online surveys and experiments prior to rollout
  • Generating appropriate samples, monitoring participation rates, and scheduling reminders for ongoing online experiments
  • Generating payment files for completed online experiments

The skills required for this job are:

  • Experience managing and merging large data sets
  • Basic computer programming in R is essential
  • Experience of building/maintaining server-side databases (in any language) is highly desirable
  • Experience with Qualtrics is highly desirable
  • Time management and scheduling including the generation of accurate timelines

If you are interested in this job, please send a cover letter and CV outlining your qualifications to cess@nuffield.ox.ac.uk. (Updated on 27/01/2020)