Horacio Larreguy 

  Martes, 23 de Julio de 2019

  18:00 - 19:00

   Santiago CESS, Concha y Toro 32C, Metro República

   Online Political Information: Facebook ad Saturation and Electoral Accountability in Mexico


While low-cost digital technologies can spread “fake news,” they also create opportunities for enhancing electoral accountability. High saturation campaigns—which target large shares of an electorate—may induce and amplify voter responses to incumbent performance information. We experimentally evaluate a non-partisan NGO’s campaign, which varied whether Facebook ads that informed Mexican voters of irregularities in municipal expenditures targeted 0%, 20%, or 80% of voters in a municipality. Around 15% of targeted voters watched at least 3 seconds of the video ad. The best-performing incumbent parties won 5 percentage points more votes among directly targeted voters. High saturation municipalities—which generated spillovers through social interactions between voters—drive this effect, rather than responses by political campaigns or media outlets. Campaign saturation, and the resulting social effects, may help explain the greater impact of performance information disseminated by mass media.

Seminario en Español

Auspiciado por CICS-UDD y Nuffield College, Oxford