Daniel Schwartz Perlroth

  Viernes, 22 de Abril de 2016

  15:30 - 16:30

   Santiago CESS, Concha y Toro 32C, Santiago

   Pro-environmental Consumer Behavior: Green Incentives and Motivations


Economic incentives may be an attractive tool to promote energy conservation and pro-environmental behavior. However, many interventions using this type of incentive may involve certain challenges, such as small amounts and crowding-out pro-environmental motivation. I present studies examining the role of monetary incentives and non-pecuniary strategies to shape pro-environmental behavior; (1) The effect of contingent and non-contingent rewards – i.e. whether incentives depend on effort –to encourage recycling in two field experiments. (2) the effect of discounts and pro-environmental labels next to energy efficient and pro-environmental products – light bulbs and reusable bags – using hypothetical purchases, actual purchases in a lab setting, and a field experiment in a store. The results of these studies indicate that economic incentives may have limited effects, depending on how they are presented, as well as the positive outcomes of psychological tools such as the labeling technique. Even though people state that they greatly value the utilitarian attributes of purchasing energy-efficient products, these findings suggest that emphasizing sustainable attributes may be more cost-effective in some contexts. Finally, I will present some preliminary studies to capture long-term behavior when non-contingent incentives are offered.